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Storage Services Scotland

Our storage services in Dundee is based at our highly secure storage centre where we store your household goods in professional wooden storage containers which are sealed at your home and not opened again until they are delivered back to you. Storage services in Dundee has never been easier or more convenient!

Your goods are carefully blanket wrapped and placed in the containers, with mattresses and other goods you want to fully-protect, put in plastic or 4 ply paper covers to ensure that they're in the same condition when they come out as when they went in.

Storage & Crate Hire

We can provide materials, crates and all the storage you need.

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There is no time limit for our storage services in Dundee. You can store your goods for as little or as long as you wish, safe in the knowledge that while they're in our care, they're fully protected by fire and intruder alarms, as well as 24-hour CCTV coverage. We have customers' goods in storage that have been with us since the 1980s which gives you a good idea about the sort of safe, secure and professional storage services that we provide in Dundee.

Storage is the perfect solution when you've sold your house but haven't found the right house to move in to. Or you may be down-sizing but don't want to sell or part with your possessions. It provides you with peace of mind knowing that you're possessions are stored safely and securely.

Our storage solutions provide you with a convenient way of holding on to your possessions until you need them. Paying is easy too - you pay your first month's fees when your goods are uplifted, then you're sent a monthly invoice for each month of storage. If you're goods are being stored for a considerable time or aren't sure how you want them kept in storage, we can set up a standing order payment from your bank account so you don't need to worry about invoices, you're monthly fees will be covered without you having to think about it.

We also provide insurance cover while your goods are being stored, so should the unthinkable happen, you can have peace of mind knowing you're covered.

For all your queries regarding our storage services in Dundee, contact us here.

Moving Home Insurance

Whilst this is not something we like to dwell on it is a necessary part of the moving process.

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